Projects 2016-2017

  • Community Garden Project / VH Family Supper (Team: Rob Belcher, Christina Crowe, Maurice Moody, Jacob Pugh, William White)
  • Champions of Vestavia Hills Green Spaces (Team: Ty Dedmon, Graham Hill, Clayton McKinnon, Andrew Patterson, Stacy Thompson, Daniel Tackett)
  • History of Vestavia Hills Video (Team: Lauren Helmer, Deana Goodwine, Cinnamon McCulley, Helen Rand, Suzanne Scott-Trammell)
  • Recycling Program at the Cahaba Heights Ball Fields (Danny Grantzhorn, Jeff Florio, Kate Watkins, Jason Williams)

Projects 2015-2016

  • Vestavia Hills Criterium Bike Race (Team: Jess Boone, Baylee Dodson, Chip Grinkmeyer, Jacob Leake, Jeff Lees)
  • Community Garden at Pizitz Middle School (Team: Mitch Bevill, Sam Duffey, Meredith Hanson, Julie Miller, Vaughn Sparks)
  • Wald Park Recycling Program (Team: Stephen Armstrong, James Benton, Alicia Hunsberger, Denene Lemke)
  • Signature Events in Vestavia Hills Retail Districts (Team: Jon Cunningham, Marty Martin, Steve Phillips, Tony Renta, Vicki Tuggle)

Projects 2014-2015

  • Help the Hills: Parent Together & Parent Strong / Drug and Alcohol Awareness in Our Community (Team: Dan Pahos, David Martin, Shera Grant, Tracy Davis, Shanta Owens, Jennifer Philpott, Charles Shah
  • Burning Up the Hills Criterium Bike Race / Improving Unification of the Three Vestavia Hills Communities (Team: Chip McCallum, Scott Register, Jason Nabors, Tyler Bradford, Reynolds Anderson, Kristen Tunnell, Rhonda Smith)
  • Keep America Beautiful Affiliation for Vestavia Hills (Team: Cecilia Crenshaw, Sheila Philips, Keith Johns, Clifton Kew, Lee Baker)

Projects 2013-2014

Projects 2012-2013

  • Fire and Safety Education for Our Citizens (Team: Jeff Tenner, Bob Elliott, Leslie Allen, Ted Strong, Steve Manown)
  • Establishing Collaboration Between Vestavia Hills Schools/Students and the Library in the Forest (Team: Joe Holcombe, Beth Sasser, Derek Waltchik, Mark Field, Bryan Poole)
  • Improving Unification of the the Three Vestavia Hills Communities (Team: Clint Johnston, Jennifer Chandler, Dan Martin, Mark Hamilton, Charles Black)
  • LVH Board Communication Committee (Team: Lanier Millsap, Carolyn Bedford, Brandon Bias, Doug Ferguson, Katherine Taylor)

Projects 2011-2012

  • Traffic Calming (Team: Jason Gardner, Martin Smith, Tripp Harris)
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Prevention in Vestavia Hills (Team: Erin Burton, Julie Ellis, Ryan Farris, Charlie Shell)
  • Recycling (Team: Stasi Bara, Holly Lollar, Steve Hewett, Bert Crenshaw, Walter Jones)
  • Destination Dog – Creating a Dog Park for Vestavia Hills (Team: Shannon Ammons, Dave Mason, Hurston Raley, Chris Sheheane, Lee Higginbotham)
  • Improve the Gateway of Vestavia Hills at South Highway 31 and Interstate 65 (Team: Derrell Crimm, Robby Hayes, Kevin Jaquess, Keith Splawn, Steven Brom)

Projects 2010-2011

  • The Highway 31 Corridor: Recommendations for a Way Forward (Brian Wolfe – team leader, Leigh Belcher, David Blackmon, John Dana, Tammy Johnson, Joe Phifer, Adam Stoffregen, and Mentor Bryan Holt)
  • Vestavia Hills High School Alumni Project (Donna Albright, Jim Cearlock, Vinnie Pappalardo, Lilla Hood, and Mentors Carol Buchanon and Angie McEwen)
  • A Review of Vestavia Hills’ 20-Year Comprehensive Plan (Vincent Saia, Pascal Caputo, Joe Cowan, Simon Yendle, Steve Ammons, Lisa B. McArdle, Mentor: Andrew Edwards)
  • Vestavia Hills Blazin’ Hot Wing Ding Festival (Team: J. Dennis, Juliet B. Harper, Jonathan Nelson, Lindy Walker, Kim Hauser, Kristi F. McHale, Mentors: Rick Rice, Rebecca Olsen, Karen Odle)

Projects 2009-2010

  • The Senior Advantage Project (Carol Buchanan, Rebecca Olsen, Scott Perry, James Pace, Jacqueline Franklin, with Robin Morgan as Advisor)
  • The Event at the Library in the Forest (Steve Ball, Adam Blair, Teresa Collier, Hugh Dye, Jay McEniry, Roger Steur)
  • Mine Fields Marketing: A Plan for the Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex (Steve Hicks, Blaine House, Terry Knight, Jeff Newman, Stephen Porterfield, Cindy Rayburn with Andrew Edwards and Brian Davis as Advisors)
  • The Complete Count Committee (Shawn Freeman, Angie McEwen, Pauline Parker, Kim Shotts, Donnie Winningham and Ashley Thompson as Advisor)

Projects 2008-2009

  • The Unification of the Three Vestavia Hills Communities Project (Bryan Holt, Chance Turner, Elam Holley, Brent Irby, Wayne Barefield with Andrew Edwards as Advisor)
  • The History of Vestavia Hills Video Project (Greg Hulsey, Bill McMahon, Kirk Parker, Jason Burnett, Keith Covington with David Askins as Advisor)
  • The Volunteer Website for Vestavia Hills Project (Elizabeth Delaccio, Allison Cornelius Black, Bruce Berthon, Gennia Baldwin, Roland Malke with Mark Sanda as Advisor)
  • The Vestavia Hills Promotional Video Project (Robin Duncan, Burke Swearingen, Taneisha Young, Brent Cotton, Matt Farris)
  • The Analysis and Attitudes towards Civic Services Project, AKA Why We Don’t Run For Office Project (Barbara Cartledge, Ann Bennett, Diane Zaragoza, Joe Perez, Steve Poer, with Robin Morgan as Advisor)

Projects 2007-2008

  • Continue work on the Multi-media Presentation of Vestavia Hills’ History (Gil Simmons, Hal Holland, Beth McCord, Mark Sanda, Jothany James)
  • Study availability of Federal/State Grants and Propose Grant Solicitation (George Pierce, Clay Hornsby, Ashley Thompson, Tripp Haston, Kevin Flynn, Margaret Ritchie, Richard Walker)
  • Develop a plan for Youth Fiscal Management (Bryan Reed, Cate Cox, Candi Peeples, Rosalyn Spivey, John Chandler, John Douglas)
  • Architectural Identity via Gateway Monuments (Andrew Edwards, Mark Yanosky, Gwen Childs, Kim Potter, Jeremy Retherford)

Projects 2006-2007

  • Study City Wide Wireless (Kristy Lundstrom, Becky Patton, Mindy Bodenhamer, Scott Huner and Rick Rice with Robin Morgan as Advisor.)
  • Prepare a Historical Video (Jan Tindall, David Askins, Barbara Sloan, Bill Henderson, Linda Parker, Butch Wilson, with Richard Brooks as Advisor.)
  • Study City Gateways (Celia Anthony, Laurie Borland, Susan Compton, Bill Heath, Scott Wade, with Gary Jordan as Advisor.)
  • Study Economic Development (Todd Lowther, Jordy Henson, Tony Truitt, Valerie McLean, William Hocutt, Chris Pilleteri, with Matthews Brown as Advisor.)

Projects 2004-2005

  • Youth Leadership Vestavia Hills (Garry Atkins, Kelly Bottcher, Cindy Brown, Bryan Gunn, Ann Jones, Sally Young
  • Sidewalk/ Adopt a Sidewalk (Brian Cespedes, Helen Holley, Robert Maddox, Derek Meek, Spence Taylor)
  • Vestavia Hills Education Foundation Home “Show House” (Robert Cook, Kim Mangham, Kathy McMullen, Kym Prewitt, Brent Smith, Melvin Turner III)

Projects 2003-2004

  • None due to strategic planning for LVH

Projects 2002-2003

  • How Will Our City/ Community Change in the Next 10-20 Years?

Projects 2001-2002

  • Construction and Funding for Wald Park Playground
  • LVH Website

Projects 2000-2001

  • Walking Trails
  • LVH Website

Projects 1999-2000

  • Study and Propose Redevelopment of City Center
  • Community survey of desired retail stores

Projects 1998-1999

  • Study and Propose Redevelopment of City Center
  • “InVest in Vestavia”

Projects 1997-1998

  • Case for why VH needs a Strategic Plan

Projects 1996-1997

  • White Paper on Funding for VH School System