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Help the Hills
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The Truth and Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Use

Town Hall Meeting

Monday, January 5, 2015

Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church

Fellowship Hall

6:00 PM

There are numerous questions regarding the role of the school, of law enforcement, and of the courts when it comes to enforcing and disciplining youth in regards to the use of drugs and alcohol.
We are pleased to host a panel discussion with
leaders from the Vestavia Hills school board, the Vestavia Hills Police Department, and the Jefferson County Drug Court.

Sheila Phillips

Superintendent of Vestavia City   Schools

* What policies are in place for alcohol?              Drugs? On campus? At a school event?

* What are teachers/coaches instructed to do      should they suspect or see students using? 

* How does the school monitor events off                                              campus?

* How can parents and schools work together?

Vestavia Hills Police Department

* What VHPD Police policy regarding alcohol    or substance issues with minors?

* What is VHPD policy regarding house parties    with minors?

* Observations from first responders.

* Tips/strategies on dealing with kids and                                                alcohol or substance abuse.

* How to notify police if citizen observes or hears about where kids     drinking or doing drugs.

Judge Shanta Owens, District Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit of Alabama

 * What are the legal consequences of underage  drinking? Drug Use?

 * What is Drug Court and how does it work?

 * Observations from the bench.


Each panel member will spend 20 mins discussing the role of their respective organization, including the policies and procedures as it relates to drug and alcohol use by minors.

At the end of the panel discussion, there will be an opportunity for members of the audience to ask questions.

Help the Hills was formed in an effort to foster open dialogue with parents, educators, and community leaders. Parents are the first line of defense in educating young people and Help the Hills hopes to provide information, tips, and strategies to help parents have those necessary conversations.

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