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YLVH 2021 Scholarship Recipients

LVH is pleased to announce that Mary Helen Peerson and Lily Creel are our 2021 scholarship recipients, who each received a one-time award of $1,000 from the LVH scholarship fund.
Mary Helen Peerson – Mary Helen is co-chair of Help the Hills, has been in the YLVH class for two years. She also serves a RISE committee chair. She coordinated every aspect of Help the Hills in the fall and this spring she picked up a major first-time, non-denominational, community-wide prayer service that was completely student-led and did a beautiful job. She knows how to take initiative and lead by example. Mary Helen will be attending Auburn University in the fall.
Lily Creel – Lily is a cancer survivor and has been deeply involved with RISE and every other aspect of the YLVH program for the last three years. She has taken both levels of the leadership class and has been a part of Help the Hills. She is a go-to speaker for any topic and is passionate about our mission. Lily will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall.